About Me

There are so many things I love about bodybuilding from the training to the knowledge of the human body, I love seeing the development as the months go by, I remember when The long head of my triceps first started showing, every time I waked past a mirror I’d hit a quick side tricep pose ha, I was so proud of the progress. I also love learning! Learning something new at the gym whether it’s someone showing me a different technique or whether it’s a new type of training, at the moment I train using HIT- Dorian Yates swears by this way of training and just look at what he accomplished. I also love the fact that not everyone understands bodybuilding, it’s good to stand out do something because you enjoy it so much rather than just doing something because everyone else does it.

My short term goal is to come top 3 in my first competition I’m entering in the summer, im going to be competing in natural juniors. At the moment just trying to gain some muscle mass I’m looking to add on at least 5 pounds of muscle by the time I compete. My long term goal like every other amateur bodybuilder, is to get a pro card and go on to compete in the Mr Olympia.

I’d also like to have one of the best backs of all time by the time retire, whether I will or not I’m so sure ha, but I do love Back days after legs it’s the best and most satisfying feeling in the gym.